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Hyderabad, Telangana, India !

Creating Space In The Form Of Portable Home Cabins, FRP Portable Cabins, Eco Portable Cabins...

The issue of space is a main and never ending one which is why the concept of Portable Cabin emerged. Portable cabin, as it's very name suggest, it is a temporary structure which is easy to ship, place, and re-locate. These cabins serve best in many areas because they make living and working easy. Fast and strong housing demand has increased the number of companies to develop cabins and we are one amongst good names of the industry which are making every difficulty turn possibility in fabrication of quality portable cabins. We are Spectra Star Industries, a Hyderabad settled manufacturer and supplier of Portable Home Cabins, FRP Portable Cabins, Eco Portable Cabins, and many more. Our collection of cabins are appreciated by modern customers for design, look, safety, space utilization and many other factors. We have experts to fabricate unique and sturdy cabins. Each of our person involved in fabrication process focuses on giving a unique touch to cabins so that they are well-liked by customers.

A 2017 Born Company

There is a common belief in customers that experienced companies serve well. But not all experienced companies serve well. Some companies just take advantage of the position they have reached and either start degrading the quality of offerings or start pricing extraordinarily. Having this belief surely do not take time to turn into disbelief just like this that all newbie companies aren't worth trusting. Some newly formed companies are worth trusting and Spectra Star Industries is one amongst them because it serves to customers easy on budget and well-designed FRP Portable Cabins, Eco Portable Cabins, and other cabins. Being a newbie doesn't mean that the company is unaware of market doings and undoings. Ms. Jinju Somy (Managing Director) and employees, all well-know about this industry.

Why Choose Our Cabins?

Portable cabins have become a necessity in schools, offices, malls and other areas, because they are easy to form and provide space for working and living. Keeping in mind space factor, we design space saving cabins. In addition to this factor, some other factors of buying our range are mentioned below:
  • Saves time and money that is gone in permanent structures
  • Best quality PVC, FRP and other materials are used
  • Our cabins are available in standard sizes, designs and shapes
  • Custom fabricated cabins are also available with us
Thank you for your interest in SPECTRA STAR INDUSTRIES and the courtesy extended to us. Subsequent to our discussions in person, for complying your requirements 

Our main branch is a leader in Modular Building solutions with a legacy of more than 29 years present in Chennai, with client base across India. We have more wealth of Experience in handling more than 1500+Different types of Projects. I am sure our expertise and our industry leadership will go a long way in providing higher standing of service delivery to you.

May you require more clarifications and further information please do not hesitate to contact us. In the mean time I look forward to a favorable reply and working together for fulfilling your needs in the near future.

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